Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sustainable climate control produce department supermarket

Port-A-Cool 24" cooling fruit / vegetables department supermarket
Many international retailers think green in retail. By selecting the assortment they offer and by thinking about their energy consumption. One of the supermarkets highest cost post is the energy consumption of the climate control system. An airconditioning costs a lot of money and is not offering a sustainable solution for a green thinking retailer. Placing an evaporative cooler is!

Not only does the retailer save on installation, also the consumption is very low and therefor offering an environmental-friendly solution to cool the supermarket and saving a lot of money for the retailers.

On the image above you can see a Port-A-Cool 24" cooling the produce department of a supermarket. Port-A-Cool is the leading manufacturer of portable evaporative cooling units.

Visit our website to get to know more about the advantages of using evaporative cooling in retail and visit the website Green Supermarket to learn more about sustainable retail.
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