Friday, February 19, 2010

Port-A-Cool, LLC is the ecological alternative for effective cooling

We’ve all heard it: reduce your carbon footprint, sustainability, and all about the dangers of global warming. You might ask yourself “How much is true and what can I do to improve the environment?” Little changes can make all the difference.

What is sustainability?
Sustainability is the concept that every generation should meet their energy needs without compromising the energy needs of future generations. Efficiency and conservation are key components of energy sustainability. Energy sustainability focuses on long-term energy strategies and policies that ensure adequate energy to meet today’s needs, as well as tomorrow’s.
Sustainability also includes investing in research and development of advanced technologies for producing conventional energy sources, promoting the use of alternative energy sources, and encouraging sound environmental policies.

What is a Carbon Footprint?
Your carbon footprint is the direct effect your actions and lifestyle have on the environment in terms of carbon dioxide emissions. Probably the biggest contributors to your footprint are your travel needs, and your electricity demands at home. However, all your actions have a direct or indirect impact, including your diet, and the clothes you wear. We know cars, buses and aeroplanes burn gasoline, public transport may use gasoline and electricity and your home uses a significant portion of your personal electricity needs that generally comes from fossil fuel burning power plants. All these actions contribute to accelerating global warming and climate change.

What is Port-A-Cool, LLC doing to help?
  • Port-A-Cool, LLC recycles all scrap plastic from the manufacture of the rotationally molded plastic housings and uses recycled plastic in the molds, reducing waste.
  • Port-A-Cool® portable evaporative cooling units utilize an all natural cooling method and haveimplemented state-of-the-art technology to perfect the process.
  • No harmful greenhouse gases are emitted from the units during the cooling process.
  • Only tap water and 115v or 220v of electricity are needed. The 36 inch model produces cool air for eight hours for less than 1 euro.

An environmentally friendly process for cooling, coupled with being “green” before “green” was cool. That has always been the “natural” choice for Port-A-Cool, LLC.

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